Manufacturer's Maintenance:

Every vehicle has a fixed schedule of service and maintenance laid down by the manufacturer. As your vehicle comes in for service, we track and follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule to ensure all your services are completed at the right service intervals.

Unscheduled Maintenance & Mechanical Repairs:

We undertake maintenance services which may not necessarily be on the manufacturer's maintenance schedule or due during such maintenance. We offer complete mechanical repair solutions and if necessary replacement of parts with genuine ones in order to make sure your vehicle is running in its best condition. Our technicians are fully equipped to fix your vehicle in a timely manner. Some of the unscheduled maintenance services we undertake are;


  • Tune-up and repair
  • Transmission service & repair
  • Engine overhaul
  • Exhaust and batteries
  • Brakes & shocks
  • Cooling system
  • Fuel system
  • Tires/wheels


Today's vehicles are sophisticated, highly computerized machines. We are equipped with the latest and fully updated diagnostic tools to repair your vehicle. These tools and skills enable us to find the right fix, the first time, and on time.

Lube Services:

The heart of any vehicles maintenance program is the lube oil and filter service. Our packages include Castrol engine oil and genuine oil filters from the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Air Conditioning Services:

We help you to run cool during the summers especially in our region. We use the latest fully automatic Bosch AC system for diagnosis and repairs and in cases of parts replacement we use only genuine parts.


A must in the lead up to summer!


  • Check cooling and overall operation
  • Carry out visual checks for leaks and receiver-dryer contamination
  • Check system pressures
  • Check and adjust compressor drive belt
  • Clean condenser
  • Evacuate system via Fully Automatic Bosch recovery station and recharge
  • Re-check performance

Comprehensive Vehicle Condition Report:

At Capital Auto Repairing, we conduct a comprehensive motor vehicle condition report to assess the condition of any motor vehicle. Whether you are purchasing a used car, embarking on a long trip, conducting a vehicle safety inspection or audit, or just trying to decide whether to keep or sell your car, our motor vehicle condition report will give you all the information you need.

The Comprehensive Vehicle Condition Report provides...

  • Fully itemised condition report performed by qualified technicians
  • Professional test equipment employed
  • Testing is completely independent of car dealers
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